Services That Make A Difference

We provide two basic services: ad hoc support as you need it or we are your I.T. department.  We have the years of experience in corporate I.T. to help you navigate through your computing and I.T. needs.

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Web Site and Application Development

We specialize in developing applications on the Microsoft Windows platform and the Linux Web platform (LAMP).  With experience in client/server, E-Commerce, web applications, web services, windows services, command line utilities and integration between different applications and systems, we can solve just about any problem you can throw at us.

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Database Services

Our database experience started in 1986 with dBase III and we never looked back. With over 25 years of working with databases we know our way around databases and database applications.

Astrum currently focuses on supporting Microsoft SQL Server. We also have experience with MySQL, Paradox, Access, Foxpro and others.

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