Database Services

Our database experience started in 1986 with dBase III and we never looked back. With over 25 years of working with databases we know our way around databases and database applications.

Astrum currently focuses on supporting Microsoft SQL Server. We also have experience with MySQL, Paradox, Access, Foxpro and others.

Administration and maintenance:

With over fifteen years of experience in maintaining Microsoft SQL Server installations, we can keep your server humming along like it should. We can come in and solve a particular problem or handle all the database administration and maintenance for you. Backups, performance, optimization, security and user administration can all be handled based on your needs.

Database application development:

We have years of experience creating applications that leverage the power of databases. We can cover the spectrum of database applications for either the desktop or web. Examples of previous work include web shopping carts, content delivery, order management, retail point of sale and inventory management.

We would be happy to meet with you to explore your needs and how they can be met.

Performance tuning:

We are able to analyze the performance of your existing database installation and recommend action that will improve its’ performance. Our main goal will be to identify the root causes of any problems and work on those items first. As with many things, identifying the big problems and solving them will usually result in the most significant improvement.

Custom reporting:

Sometimes you have a database already, but your existing application does not deliver the reporting you are looking for. Using Microsoft’s development tools and some 3rd party software, we can deliver the data you need to see presented in grids, charts or forms. We can also setup the ability to email the reports or export them as PDFs.