Services That Make A Difference

We provide two basic services: ad hoc support as you need it or we are your I.T. department.  We have the years of experience in corporate I.T. to help you navigate through your computing and I.T. needs.

Over the years we have heard over and over how computers and Information Technology will save us money and time. This does happen, but only when you have an I.T. professional that understands the full spectrum of what the current state of computing is and how I.T. can deliver hardware and software to achieve your goals.

After sitting down and talking over your business and business needs, we can help integrate the right solutions with your organization’s strategic direction and goals. A solution that doesn’t fit your needs and objectives is not a solution at all.

Astrum Computer Services is able to deliver that full spectrum of services and solutions. From custom application development and system integration to virus removal and system installation, Astrum Computer Services can help.

Solutions and services:

  • System and Network Administration
    • Servers
    • Workstations
    • Backups and system maintenance
    • Network infrastructure: LAN and WAN
    • Internet connectivity
    • Software updates and patch management
  • Security, Malware, Anti-Virus
    • Workstation and Network Security
    • Anti-virus and malware mitigation and prevention
    • Internet Firewall installation and configuration
    • Corporate computer policy and training
  • Web Sites
    • Brochure oriented sites – advertise your business online
    • Shopping carts
    • Blogs
    • Content Management Systems
    • Wikis
  • Custom Application development
    • Web sites and web applications
    • Windows applications
    • Web services
    • Data transformation and exchange between existing systems


Using computing to address your company’s strategic goals will, in the long run, mean higher profits and a more robust, healthy business.

Give us a call (520-329-2909) or drop us an email to start a conversation about improving the future of your business.