Web Site and Application Development

We specialize in developing applications on the Microsoft Windows platform and the Linux Web platform (LAMP).  With experience in client/server, E-Commerce, web applications, web services, windows services, command line utilities and integration between different applications and systems, we can solve just about any problem you can throw at us.

In addition to our technical expertise, our experience in manufacturing, retail and non-profit organizations, brings knowledge and a perspective gained outside the world of IT and computing. This outside perspective means that you don’t just get a computer geek that knows only computers and code. Getting out of the IT and software development box allows us to connect with the needs your project and your business at a completely different level. Beyond the simple mechanics of the application you wish to create, we can start planning how, why and where the application will fit into your company’s business strategy.

Our application development experience and knowledge includes:

  • Web Sites and Web Applications
    • Business ‘brochure’ sites, product offerings, etc.
    • Blogs, forums and other social networking applications
    • Business to Business applications
    • Sharing business information with partners, vendors and customers
  • E-Commerce and web shopping carts
    • Support provided for several E-Commerce platforms including nopCommerce and Prestashop
    • We have years of experience in actual retail.¬† Not working with retailers, but as retailers.
    • We can help you through planning, implementation and maintenance of an E-Commerce site and infrastructure.
      • Integration with business partners and their systems (B2B, EDI, data feeds).
      • Custom or off the shelf integration with freight and shipping providers
      • Integration with retail point of sale, accounting and ERP systems.
      • We can help with synchronization of stock levels, pricing, shipping constraints, etc.
  • Client server applications
    • Database development
    • Solving specialized processes and their associated needs
    • Windows application user interface or web interfaces
    • Microsoft SQL Server or other database servers such as MySQL
  • Windows services
    • For use on desktops or servers
    • Services run 24/7 and can automate many tasks
    • They react in real time as events occur (like orders being placed on a web site).
  • Application integration
    • Exchange and transform of data between different sources, different applications or different business partners.
    • We can create the ‘glue’ code that will link things together.

We can also analyze your current business processes and help you implement new, more efficient and faster processes to take their place. We have been directly involved in several situations where the cost of application development has paid for itself in a relatively short time. Each project differs of course, but we will get you the information you need to make a good decision before you commit to a project.

Application Development Philosophy

We believe in getting you usable software as soon as possible. Sometimes we can deliver software in a few days or weeks. This initial release is meant to validate the idea, direction and design of the software. Of course, the software might not have all the features you are expecting from the completed application, but you’ll be able to give early feedback on the direction of the development process.

We have all heard of cost overruns, vaporware and other not so complementary references to software that never works, doesn’t have the right features or simply never gets delivered. Our early delivery of a bare bones application allows you to start giving feedback so that your custom software is useful when it is completed, is actually delivered and has the right features to solve the problems you are asking your software to solve.